15 Denier Sheer Tights
Classic, hard wearing sheer tights from British manufacturer Pamela Mann. High quality and 15 denier, these are the perfect pair of every day "normal" tights. Great value too.

Pamela Mann
15 Denier Sheer Tights

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Go back to basics with these classic black 15 denier tights - great quality as ever from Pamela Mann. Standard sheer tights, closer to the low end of sheer rather than the opaque, these are perfect everyday tights. They are great value, but of much better quality than the everyday tights that you pick up at the supermarket, so if you're sick of the false economy of buying cheap sheer tights that ladder the first time you put them on, then these 15 denier tights are what you're looking for. They are still great value, so won't break the bank, but are much better wearing than supermarket tights. They are the simple and standard sheer, so there's nothing special in the design, just great, comfortable, hard wearing tights.

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