Alternatives to Body Stockings

If you started here by wondering what a bodystocking was, and like the idea of some sexy lingerie, but have decided that a bodystocking isn't quite right for you, what are the alternatives? Likewise, if you've got several body stockings already and want something new, but different, what are the options available to you?

Lingerie DressThere are two prime alternatives to bodystockings but in the same area of lingerie. The first is the lingerie dress, also known as a mini dress or often a micro dress. This is a garment designed as lingerie, so it is a dress, but it's made from stretchy material that hangs to your curves. They tend to be very short and often made from exciting material, like fishnet. You can wear underwear with them if you want, though many prefer not to. They are almost universally designed for wearing in the bedroom. Lots of women love them as a piece of sexy lingerie that's quite simple. They make you look great too, which helps. For more information, see "what is a lingerie dress?".

You'll notice that we do also stock two long length dresses, which are also lingerie dresses, just going to show that not all sexy lingerie has to be skimpy.

Body-stocking DressWe also have several items that are halfway between a lingerie dress and a body stocking. These are dresses with attached garters and stockings. You'll find them mixed in with both the body-stockings and the lingerie dresses as they really do sit between. They are micro dress in format, often from see through or fishnet material. More often than with standard or traditional bodystockings, these will be full body dresses, not cut out. They then lace a lace or similar garter sewn to the bottom hem that extends down to an attached stocking for each leg. It's a sexy outfit that's easy to wear.