Coloured Tights

Whether it's for a special occasion, a bit of fun or just to add colour to your outfit, we've sourced a number of different coloured tights from different suppliers in a variety of denier.

A splash of colour can liven up any outfit, and it's amazing the colours available in tights nowadays. As well as the obvious navy, red and white, there's also bright colours like green and pink, and not only in sheer, but also in fishnet.

Colourful Tights

In order to find a good cross section of styles of coloured tights we've had to look around the globe. It's fairly unusual to find so many different colours in a style, as most tights are simply black or a shade of black and possibly white and red, but we wanted to include the option for some much more adventurous colours. We tracked some down in Italy where Italian designers have the flair for the dramatic, colourful characters that they are. We also found a British manufacturer with some bold colours, as well as Germany. So these coloured tights really do represent a bit of a world tour, well European at least. If you want striking stripes, check out the coloured hold-ups we also stock because they are quire different from these tights designs.

Alternatively, if you are just looking for tights that will stand out, then a patterned pair of tights may appeal, as there are quite a few that have great impact.

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