How to Choose a BodyStocking

If it's your first time buying a bodystocking, the choice can be quite daunting. How do you choose which bodystocking to wear? What are the different types of bodystocking? The best starting place is to be look at why you want one and then look for a style that fits your needs.

Many people decide on a bodystocking because they are looking for a piece of sexy underwear, but are a little self conscious of their body. The bodystocking is a perfect solution because it's made from stretchy material that, in the right style, will firm up your appearance and help you feel sexier.

The brilliant thing about bodystockings is how much of a boost to your self confidence they can give you, and a woman who feels more confident is naturally sexier. In other words, not only can a bodystocking make you look sexy, it will make you feel sexy too, which is often a revelation for women.

The most obvious place to start looking then would be in the opaque bodystockings, but actually we'd not recommend that. We have a small selection of these for a good reason: they don't sell particularly well as they are not that sexy. Actually the best place to start is is the fishnet bodystockings.

While fishnet might sound a little revealing, what you are looking for in a bodystocking is something that's visually enticing and has all the allure and sex appeal, but still has a good degree of body enhancement, and fishnet is great for that as long as you choose a design with structure. In this sense, we'd advise you to stay away from ones which have too much cut away at the front or at the back. There are ones which are cut away but have straps across the back, and they are perfect because they look great, but are firmer. As it's your first time, we'd also suggest choosing a style that has shoulder straps. After you've worn a bodystocking, you'll be more confident in knowing if you want another with less material or strapless, but in the first instance you want the experience to be positive and exciting and boosting your confidence, so go with something that is striking but that offers you the support you need.

The Lace Bodystockings are an equally good place to start, as lace is elasticised and will hold you very well, as long as you follow the same guidelines with regards styles. If you are a larger lady, then we have gathered together the selection we have of plus size bodystockings.

Sexy Body StockingIf you're buying a bodystocking because you're curious about them, then we'd urge you to be more daring in your selection, as we'd urge those returning after buying the first one as a piece of sexy lingerie to boost their confidence. The truth is that you're only likely to wear a bodystocking in your bedroom (some can be partnered with other items as part of an outfit, but most people put the bodystocking on for seducing their partner as a surprise). So given that it is only for you are your partner, you can dare to be more adventurous, and we'd recommend looking at the open front bodystockings. These have some very provocative designs that will turn anyone on.

However, if you're looking for a bodystocking for sex, which is absolutely the best reason (!) then we'd also suggest that you consider looking at the lingerie micro dresses. Quite often the line between a bodystocking and a lingerie dress becomes blurred as there are some designs which are effectively an all-in-one with stockings and suspenders built in, so a body with stockings and suspenders all made from hosiery material. This is just a step on from the open front bodystockings, but because we stock these types of bodystockings, we also sell a selection of the sexiest and raunchiest micro dresses.

These are not (often) dresses that you are going to go out in, but are lingerie that are designed for home wear for a passionate evening. They are not babydolls (an American term for sexy lingerie), but dresses, and are often in designs with parts cut away to drive your partner wild. As you'd expect, they are extremely popular, so if you're looking for something to add spice to you sex life, then a lingerie dress is definitely an option to consider.

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of how to start shopping for your first bodystocking, and we hope you find something that suits you on Funky Bodystockings, but if you need any advice or help, please do drop us a line from the Contact page.

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