How to Wear a Bodystocking

Another common question, after what is a bodystocking, is for those tempted, how do I put on a bodystocking? Fear not, Funky Bodystockings is here to help!

How to put on a body stocking

Firstly, make sure that you purchase the right size of stocking - it's very easy as there's only two sizes available, which makes them one of the easiest pieces of lingerie to buy. If in doubt, check our Sizing Guide, or the details on the product page for the bodystocking you choose.

How to put on a bodystockingOK, so you're ready to put it on. First things first, assuming you are planning on wearing your bodystocking just for the bedroom, at least in the first instance, don't think you can put it on in front of your partner as part of a sexy show. Bodystockings are made from stretchy material, like tights, so you're going to have to pull it up and possibly, depending on the material, do a little jump or shimmy. This can have the effect of bringing on a fit of the giggles (we speak from experience) in your audience, which does not (trust us) improve your mood. So, even if your partner knows what's in store, nip off to the bathroom. If they don't know what you've got, then this adds to the surprise, which is great.

You put the bodystocking on just like a pair of tights, so roll down the body section (and arms if the stocking has them) and then scrunch the legs up as you would stockings. Get one foot in and pull the stocking part up, and then the same on the other leg. You should have the bodystocking on to your waist.

Pull it up over your torso, up to your boobs, and then repeat the scrunching with the arms if it has them. If not, you can scoop yourself in and tie up any ribbons or front fastening.

Once your bodystocking is basically on, you can then make your final adjustments and tweak how everything is fitting, including your bust. You should also take a moment to ensure you have the open crotch strategically positioned.

That's how to wear a bodystocking, and it's really easy. Pull it on as you would tights, fit it to your body and adjust. Then enjoy, and trust us, you will!

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