Perhaps the best sheer tights out there. 15 denier tights from Trasparenze, combining the high quality material with a reasonable price. A popular choice for everyday wear.


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Soft and luxurious feeling, the 15 denier Marika tights contain super-light microfibre that will give your legs an unrivalled velvety touch. We stock them in four natural shades that you can match to your skin tone or an understated charcoal grey - less severe than black. 15 denier gives you great coverage while still retaining a sheer look, but if you're looking for a more bare-legged look, try the 8 denier Noemi range which are made from the same light microfibre. These are the perfect tights for every day when you want or need something a cut above what you can buy in the supermarket. From Trasparenze, you get the quality of material that you'd expect, so they wear well. A great pair of sheer tights when you are looking for the best combination of quality and value.

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