Romance Suspender Tights

Suspender tights are about bringing the allure of stockings and suspenders to the convenience of tights. But this category includes just the sexiest suspender tights for adding some romance to your outfit.

As we say, the collection of suspender tights here is just a hand picked one from the larger general suspender tights category. So here you'll find ones with sexy garter elements or made from exciting materials.

Sexy and Flirty Suspender Stockings

Fishnet and larger net materials are a great choice, but we've also some suspender tights with backseams and ones with criss-cross garter sides. They look amazing on, and you'll feel incredibly sensuous. PinUp Nylons has the best selection of sexy hosiery because of our heritage in the sector, so these really are our choices of the creme de la creme.

You can wear these suspender tights with some sexy knickers (or without!) and transform your outfit into a seductive number. If you're buying them as a gift however, we suggest you make sure you know your partner will go for something this raunchy. Partnering these pieces of hosiery with other bits of lingerie are a great idea if you're wanting to heat a night in also.

If fishnets aren't for you, the sheer or bow lace options are also incredible, but of course the option for the ultimate romantic outfit is the classic stockings and suspenders, where you can't really go wrong. If you're torn between the two, then have a browse of the stockings and garterbelts before making a decision, or if you want something sexy but tamer, take a look at the romantic tights collection.

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