Sunny 8 Denier Toeless Tights
Ultra sheer, 8 denier toeless tights in skin-tone shades. Ideal for summer wear with strappy sandals and open-toe shoes.

Sunny 8 Denier Toeless Tights

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Show off a perfect pedicure this summer in these super-stylish toeless tights from Oroblu! The Sunny tights are the ideal solution when you're dressed for summer but don't want to ditch the tights - at just 8 denier, and in a range of skin-tone shades, you'll hardly know you're wearing them - and thanks to the open-toe design, neither will anyone else! Wear them with open-toed shoes or strappy sandals for perfect summer legs - the super-light denier will even out skin tone and look really natural, and there's no tell-tale closed toe to give the game away. We love these for summer weddings when the weather isn't all it might be - there's no need to compromise on style or comfort!

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