Suspender Belts

Suspender belts remain one of the sexiest pieces of lingerie you can buy. We've not yet a man yet who doesn't come over a little faint when you mention them. The trick to buying suspender belt is to match it (to an extent) with the stockings you are going to wear with it. Try to stick to a matching colour and theme.

The Suspender Belt Revival

Stockings and suspenders were old fashioned for a while, because tights came along and made everything more convenient. Nowadays you can definitely get some incredibly funky and sexy tights, but that doesn't detract from the fact that the real deal of stockings with a suspender belt remain the epitome of sex appeal. It's not surprising then that we've found a resurgence in interest in suspender belts from women looking for something special to wear.

The revival has also been sparked by the creation of a new variation in hosiery, the all-in-one suspender tights. These are designed to look like suspenders and stockings, but are a single garment so you can put them on and wear them with the same degree of ease as a normal pair of tights. We often find women get back into wearing real stockings and suspenders after wearing a pair of these and remembering how good they felt in them.

We've sourced a variety of suspender belts from different suppliers for you to choose from. Remember you will need to buy some suitable stockings to go with the belt.

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