Tummy Tuck Toner Tights
Aristoc's tummy tuck tights have built up a great reputation, and these ones feature a mock lace up side on each leg and classic 15 denier sheer legs. A perfect choice for a slender tum and beautiful legs.

Tummy Tuck Toner Tights

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Flatten your tummy and gain an instantly sleeker silhouette with these revolutionary tummy tuck tights from Aristoc. The firm control top will hold you in and keep your line smooth all day in perfect comfort, while the compression legs offer all day support too. The classic 15 denier legs make these tights at the lighter end of the sheer category, and adding to the stylish look, the top of each leg at the side feature a small mock lace up look. This helps these tummy tuck tights look rather great.

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