Types of Bodystocking

Full torso bodystockingThere are now hundreds of different types made in various materials, so if it's your first bodystocking, then you might be wondering what sort to go for. This guide to the different types should help your decide.



Opaque bodystockings are not see through, and are designed really for those wanting something to go underneath other clothes. If you are looking for something to play with in the bedroom, we'd not suggest one of these. That doesn't mean that they can't be part of a sexy wardrobe, as some can be, but as part of a bigger outfit.


You might be tempted to look for a sheer bodystocking if it's your first one as it seems the most conservative and least threatening, but in actual fact, there are very few, and if it's more body coverage you're looking for in order to boost your confidence the first time, you would be better with one of the lace ones as there are several that are full bodies but still very attractive.


Fishnet is the go-to material for sex appeal, and stockings have long been made from fishnet, so unsurprisingly bodystockings too have adopted it. It's very good as a choice as visually it lets more show through, which for lingerie for the bedroom works well, but it retains the elasticity that helps shape your figure, which can make you feel more comfortable and confident. There's plenty of designs that have panels cut out for sides, the front, or the bust, so if you've had one fishnet bodystocking and loved it, you can normally find something even more exciting in the same material.

Fencenet, Industrial Net and More

Crochet Net BodystockingsAs fishnet is so popular, designers have also made use of the wider and sexy larger net materials for bodystockings. These have some really odd names such as fencenet (fishnet but with bigger holes), industrial net (bigger holes still) and large diamond, etc. To get an exact feel for each material, take a look at the image close up of any body stocking that interests you. One thing to note with these other net stockings is that as there is less material, they may offer less support, but on the other hand, they put more on display and so are visually very appealing to men and it allows them to touch you more intimately.


Lace bodystockings are made from stretch lace to retain the elasticity. They are also often a combination of lace and other materials, such as fishnet. When this is the case, we have made sure the description for a product tells you, and the image zooms remain a good guide. As lace is so versatile, the designs include everything from full body to very little or exotic designs, so lace is a great choice for first bodystockings as well as those looking to buy a second or third one.


Full Body

These cover your torso completely back and front and may have no sleeves or long sleeves. We have several of these in different materials, so browse around.

Long Sleeves

Most bodystockings are either spaghetti strapped at the shoulders or halter, so they have no sleeves at all. This is because it makes access to the bust easier, but there are also some designs that come up over the shoulder and have long sleeves. This doesn't make them any less sexy, it's purely personal preference.

Open Front

Lace bodystockings are often cut awayIn order to let you and your partner have freer access to your boobs, many bodystockings have either full or partial open fronts, often held together with criss-cross straps or even ribbons. These are very sexy, and they also often have open sides or open backs. If you've already had a more "full" bodystocking and are looking for something more adventurous, we can't recommend these highly enough. You'll love 'em!

Open Back

Cut away at the back, sometimes with a halter top, these are more sexy visually than the full body coverage stockings, but often women feel more confident in them than they might with open front ones. Some of course are cut away both front and back, and even at the side too. These are the most raunchy.