Ultra Sheer Tights

Ultra Sheer Tights are tights for the summer. They are so fine that they are really designed solely to smooth out your legs and make you look fabulous.

These are the lowest denier possible and so they are very fine and need careful handling. Ultra Sheer tights are worn to smooth out and hide the skin imperfections that we all have. A perfect pair of ultra sheer tights will be one that nobody notices you are wearing, and to achieve this you need to match the colour of the tights to your skin tone.

Ultra Sheer Collection

As the aim of ultra sheer is to be undetectable, we have honed down our collection to a small number, focussing instead on identifying the types of these tights you might need: sandal toe, ladder resistant and ones for use with flip flops. With these three styles identified, we've then bought the whole range of skin tones available, so you can get the perfect pair of ultra sheers to match you.

Just because it's interesting, you'll notice that the models don't match their ultra sheers to their skin tones in the pictures, but that's because they need you to be able to see the hosiery. Otherwise you'd think you were looking at a pair of legs. Fun fact.

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