When to Wear a Bodystocking

So, you've got your first bodystocking and you've worked out how to put it on, but maybe you're a little unsure as too when your going to wear it? Funky Bodystockings is here to help.

Bodystocking as underwearWhen to wear it will depend on the type of body stocking you've bought. Some bodystockings are fully crotched and clearly designed for wearing as outerwear, with a skirt or under clothes as a piece of underwear. Most modern bodystockings though are much more overtly lingerie.

These full-on lingerie items, particularly the ones made of fencenet and other net, are clearly designed as exotic lingerie for bedroom use. Most of these are worn without anything else and you put them on when you are ready for your partner.

There's nothing to stop you, of course, putting the bodystocking on earlier in the evening and concealing it under a robe to surprise your lover.

Some people though also like to combine the more appropriate bodystockings with other lingerie, such as bra and knickers (usually g-string as they're going for the sexy look) and then wear the underwear out without telling their partner, so they can put on an exciting show later, or simply let on what's going on when they are out.

The fully crotched bodystockings are fully designed for wearing as underwear and under clothes, either as a sexy piece of lingerie, or in the case of some sheer stockings for body shaping and confidence. Other opaque bodystockings are also worn by some as club wear or part of a bigger outfit for going out.

There are plenty of different types of bodystocking, and you can see that each one is suited to either home or general underwear use.