Why are Body Stockings Popular?

People can be quite funny about bodystockings - obviously they are worth a snigger, but you'd be surprised how many people start out asking "what is a bodystocking", progress to "why are they so popular" and then to "Add to basket". We've said it before - bodystockings are the UK's best kept bedroom secret: everyone has one, but most people keep quiet about them. Still, we've asked several of our customers what they love about their body stockings, and here's what they had to say (if you'd like to add your story, please do drop us a line via our contact us page):

Bodystockings boost confidence"I first decided to buy a body stocking after a friend of mine giggled about one she'd bought and used (on another site, sorry) over a glass of wine. At the time, we had a laugh, but the next day, I couldn't help but be a bit curious, so I headed off to the internet. When I saw how pretty some of the designs were, it seemed a lot less seedy and I took the plunge. What I loved about it when I first put it on was that it really boosted my confidence because although it was fishnet, it just shaped some of my wobbly bits enough that I wasn't shy for my boyfriend to leave the lights on. Needless to say, he loved it, and now I have three different bodystockings."
Anne, Staffs.

"I thought that being a bit of a bigger girl, body stockings would be a bad idea, but I've now got two of your plus size bodystockings and they really make me feel sexy. My hubby agrees."
Beth, London

"My first bodystocking was a real full-on all-in-one, so it really did cover me, which made me feel more confident about my body, but was a bit too much material - it was long sleeved even. But we liked it enough to be more daring, so I bought two more which were more adventurous and had less to them at the front, plus one of them was the wide net type. They get quite a lot of use, because they make us both feel quite frisky."
Anon, Wales

"I wouldn't say I get it out all the time, but our bodystocking probably comes out to play once a month. It's a great fishnet one, and I'm lucky enough to have smaller boobs, so I've even once gone out with it underneath my clothes to a party. I told my husband in advance, and for once I didn't have to drag him away."
Laura, Manchester

"My husband bought me a bodystocking as a present" and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised, but I have to say this is the only piece of lingerie bought me as a gift that I have worn more than once! I love how I feel sexy in it, and you get to "do it" in the bodystocking, which feels a bit naughty and like you're still half dressed, which I love.
Anon, Newcastle